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Faces of Cuba, December 29 - January 7, 2018

The annual New Year's trip begins in Havana to celebrate 2017/18. Our signature program explores the full reality of Cuba with visits to clinics, schools, studios and talks with environmentalists, journalists, artisits and examination of history, culture and current events.  We leave Havana for a day in Colonial Trinidad.  There are two nights in Sancti Spiritus, another colonial gem, where we are positioned for a visit to the mountains and Topes de Collentes.  The role of Che Guevara is highlighted with a stop in Santa Clara with a two night stay in Remedios.  Another highlight is a visit to the northern keys along the region of Cayo Coco.  Upon our return to Havana, we spend an afternoon in Matanzas.  The rush of visitors to Cuba have yet to learn about several of the above gems and you have the unique opportunity to enjoy them with Historian Rick Moniz and his fearless Cuban guide, Joel Abreu.   Cost:  $3995

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