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May 4 through May 17, 2018

Come see the world with us

Join us for this amazing tour through Argentina, Uruguay and Patagonia, including the breathtaking Iguazu Falls.  

We will visit Buenos Aires, a city known for being the most european city in the New World, examining the nature of Argentinian society: education, environmentalism, tango & the arts, labor, politics, etc.  

In addition, the program travels up the La Plata/Rio Parana complex to Ibera Wetlands (second largest in the world), we make our way to Iguazu, and then to Chile's unseen and unforgettable fjords. We spend several nights making our way to the destinations.

We then return to Buenos Aires and ferry over to Colonia, a UNESCO designated historical site (Portuguese settlement).  Thereafter we are off to Montevideo and end the trip back in Buenos Aires.

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We will start off in Lisbon and end in Santiago, and will include Oporto and Valenca and 4 days walking the Camino to Santiago.  This year we are off to the Algarve and much more. 

We gather in Lisbon, to meet up with Danny Mathias, our guide.  We will spend time exploring this lovely city before setting off by bus, sampling pieces of the Camino as we wind our Portugal's southern Algarve region and then we are off to the north for Oporto and Valenca.   We will pick up the Camino for our walk into Santiago via Valenca.

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Spain: lisbon to santiago - the camino