KNowing the way 


Monique and Rick are high school sweet hearts and have been traveling together for the past 42 years and leading groups around the world for over 25 years. It began with their honeymoon to the London, Holland and Denmark.  They have traveled across the globe and know that they are richly blessed.   

Their passion is for discovering and revealing the people and cultures they encounter on their visits. The diversity - the ways in which we are different - and the universals  that connect us is what they find most important.  

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Wish List!!

The people who travel with us always want to travel with us again, and they often tell us things like, "Do you have a trip coming up to France?" or "We'd love to see Istanbul!" Are you going to the Galapagos Isles?

So, due to popular demand, we have created a "Wist List." Please tell us where you'd love to go with us!

Come see the world with us

Have a passion for food? Monique is your woman. She's worked as a personal chef and hospitality is her real strength.

Have a passion for history? Rick is an historian. He organizes each trip with an eye to history in the widest sense of the word: history can be found in all aspects of life. So, we look at culture, natural history, the arts, current affairs, music, dance, cuisine and much more. 

Jennifer is an attorney who travels the world and can't believe how lucky she is to get to do what she loves. 

If you're interested in trips that bring a vast wealth of knowledge, if you're eager to learn, if you want to be immersed in cultures other than your own, then come and see the world with us at Knowing the Way Travel.