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May 4th through May 17th

The Camino along the Portuguese Way with Lisbon, The Algarve and Oporto. Camino begins in Portugal. 

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29th through 

​January 7th

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Cuba like a Cuban​ Coming 2018

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The "Wish List"

Most of the people that travel with us once want to travel with us again, but we don't always offer tours to the places THEY most want to see. Before our tours end, we usually get questions like: "Do you have any trips to France?" "Are you guys going to Turkey next year?" and "A trip to Costa Rica and the Galapagos sounds amazing! When are you going?" 

Because we're finally catching on, we have created a Wish List for you! We would love for you to tell us where you would most like us to take you, so please feel free to put your suggestions on our "Wish List." (You can find the form on the "about us" page). 

Travel with us...

Our Signature programs are Faces of Cuba and The Kinder, Gentler Camino. Every year we offer at least one of these programs.  We have three decades of experience in Cuba and know the island and the Cuban people.  Our expertise also is monitoring the ever changing US-Cuban relations. After five years of leading trips on The Way to Santiago de Compostela, The Camino, we have an expertise that brings a very unique program to life.  We visit cities and learn about the culture of Spain/Portugal for one week and then we are prepared for the walk.  Most walk, but not everyone and we know The Way for non-walkers, too, and we have a daily guide to walk with our group.  Our programs are always small:  15 or less.

Faces of Cuba, New Year's in Havana & Matanzas, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus & Remedios 

Our global village provides fascinating opportunities for travel. At Knowing the Way Travel, we lead you on an adventure to understand people and their history:  natural history to national history; delicious local cuisine to amazing live music and the arts. We travel with passion and purpose. If you travel with us, you'll have an experience you'll never forget.

Our values are simple.  When you travel with us, you are culturally immersed, environmentally aware and educationally enlightened.  Our objective is respect your time and investment, while bringing to life the lands and people we visit.

Please see our UPCOMING PROGRAMS page for up-to-date information on the fantastic tours we've lined up for you! 

We love all of our tours (it's easy to, since every tour is unique and fully customized and organized by us!), but our HIGHLIGHTED PROGRAMS are the upcoming trips we are most excited about.  Come and step into the shoes of a pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago. We travel the world, and if you were to see our "list" of places we want to go and things we want to see and experience, these places are on it.  

Faces of Cuba  begins in June.  We recommend that you sign up EARLY to reserve your spot for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. 

Need a PRIVATE TOUR for your group or organization? Contact us if you would like us to plan your next group tour!

We wish you safe travels and...

¡Buen camino!